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Lucent OXO ConnectSmall and medium businesses

Product Code: Lucent OXO

Alcatel-Lucent Open Touch Suite for SMBoffering is based on the new generation ofcommunication server called OXO Connect.This robust communication server for smalland medium companies is ready to connectand deliver cloud services with an extendedcapacity of up to 300. OXO Connect is the new

Generation of Omni PCX Office RCE with a clear,future-proof direction for connecting to cloud

Services and delivering advanced services toSMBs. Moreover, OXO Connect has a simplified

Licensing built on a single Universal TelephonyLicense and a new service offer those guaranties

Three years of free software upgrades. Withthis new offer, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise starts

A new era for SMB and confirms its leadingposition in this market.




Connected To deliver advanced cloud services: Rainbow, UC cloud based services and new remote management operation

All-in-one solution

Modularity, flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of SMBs from 4 to 300 people in size

Conversation services on application-enabled deskphones, PCs and Smartphones

Offer next-generation enterprise communication experience

User-centric communicationsexperience across devices andlocations

Provides full-featured access to enterprise communicationsservices across devices while on site or off

Business communicationsservices, including attendant,routing and messaging services

Increased communication efficiency for employees withnew opportunities to reach contacts

Embedded voice-centriccustomer service

Increase customer satisfaction by improving call resolution

IP telephony infrastructureflexibility and softwarescalability

Reduces communication costs and enables the choice ofnetwork configurations and IP, IP/TDM or TDM endpoints,minimizing additional investment and enabling a smoothmigration

Plug and play and zero touch


Easy installation in full voice environment and/orconverged voice/data environment at reduced cost

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