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DT800 Series IP Desktop Phones

Product Code: DT800 Series

Feature-Packed Functionality

The DT800 series desktop phone developed specifically for NEC's UNIVERGE SV9000 Series communications platforms enable greater workplace productivity through tailored programming of feature choices.The result is a custom fit based on each employee’s core responsibilities within the organization.

Achieve a Premier Multimedia Experience

  • Customizable to meet employees’ specific communications needs
  • Will support a wide-range of applications which can help improve overall employee efficiency and productivity
  • Deliver maximum deployment flexibility and investment protection
  • Supports XML open interface
  • Easy to use intuitive interface and an interactive user manual
  • Bluetooth connection adapter which enables users to receive and place calls through either their smart device or desktop phone(available for DT830 only)
  • Comes with options for the visually impaired such as audio key action feedback and large character display(available for DT830 only)

Multi-line desktop phones for any business

Running your organization on old devices is bad for business. That’s why NEC has developed the next generation of desktop phones. Our UNIVERGE IP Desktop Phones support innovative design, and are intended to deliver maximum deployment flexibility and a wide range of choices that fit all business requirements.

Personal system, with corporate directories

UNIVERGE Desktop Phones come with corporate directory functionality. Users can quickly access these directories to easily reach the people they need. There’s no need to waste time looking up phone numbers. Each entry in the directory is searchable, and a call can be placed from the searched entry. When a call is received and if the Caller-ID matches a registered phone number within the directory, the name of the entry is displayed on the LCD.

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